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Filter Coffee Beans

  • Brands Brasilia Grande
  • Product Code:Filtre Kahve Çekirdek 250 gr
  • Availability:In Stock


Soft and Aromatic Flavor: Filter Coffee Beans

The ideal choice for those who want to crown their coffee pleasure with a light and sweet experience: Filter Coffee Beans. Offering the unique flavor of specially selected Arabica beans, this coffee takes you on a soft taste journey with every sip.

Filter Coffee Beans consist of carefully selected high quality Arabica beans. This special blend is prepared with special processing and roasting techniques, perfecting the classic filter coffee experience.

Offering a refreshing aroma and a smooth flavor profile in every cup, Filter Coffee Beans pampers the palate with its mild acidity and balanced structure. The floral and fruity notes combined with a fine flavor texture offer coffee lovers an unforgettable pleasure.

Filter Coffee Beans are at their best when brewed using the filter method. This method reflects the unique flavors of the coffee beans in the best way, while offering a smooth and aromatic cup of coffee.

Take your coffee pleasure to the next level with Filter Coffee Beans and delight your taste buds with every sip. This special blend, prepared by carefully processing the highest quality beans, is a candidate to be the choice of true coffee lovers.

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